A Governing Advisory Board oversees the Flowers Family Reunion Association. The board is composed of up to 20 elected directors and officers as well as one representative from each state. Each board member is expected to execute the following responsibilities:.

Be a member of the Flowers Family Reunion

Understand the mission and purpose of the Flowers Family Reunion(s)

Attend and actively participate in board meetings (every 4 months)

Serve on a standing committee or task force

Attend Flowers Family Reunion events as appropriate

Be a spokesperson and advocate for the Flowers Family Reunion

Identify and recruit Flowers Family Members for the Board and Regional Sub Committees

Play a vital role in shaping the future of Flowers Family Reunion.

St Louis Connection Board Member : Delores Martin

St Louis Missouri

Kansas City Connection Board Member : Glenn Gunnels

Kansas City Missouri

Recording Secretary : Pamela Beck

Chicago Illinois

President : Joyce Johnson

Kansas City Missouri

Chairman and CEO : Joe Flowers Jr

Paducah Kentucky

Secretary of State and Webmaster : Timothy Malachi Kern

Lees Summit Missouri